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For those who are unfamiliar with Island Lakes Condominiums, our website is an opportunity to share beautiful images of our environs, provide basic information about our community, and answer some Frequently Asked Questions (see FAQs).

For owners and residents of an Island Lakes condominium, Welcome Home! Sit back and relax. Enjoy the pictures submitted by your neighbors. Share the site with your family and friends. They will find maps, directions, and insights as to why you have chosen to make Island Lakes your home.

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Ready for Some Pool Time this Summer?

Will state and local regulations keep us from the pool for a second year? Positive thinking by one of our neighbors led to the recent purchase of this matching set of very sturdy lounge chairs. They were being sold at the local second hand store for $63 for seven of them! The plan is to continue saving our BottleDrop refunds for one more year.

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Oakmont Plan 01 – 2 Bedroom 1 Bath 946 Sq. Ft.
Oakmont Plan 02 – 2 Bedroom 1 Bath 926 Sq. Ft.
Devonshire Plan D – 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 995 Sq. Ft.
Devonshire Plan D1 – 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 995 Sq. Ft.
Pinecrest Plan P1 – 2 Bedroom 1 Bath 994 Sq. Ft.
Pinecrest Plan P2 – 2 Bedroom 1 Bath 971 Sq. Ft.
Juniper Plan J – 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 1379 Sq. Ft.
Juniper Plan J1 – 2 Bedroom 2 Bath 1361 Sq. Ft.
Fairhaven Plan F – 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 689 Sq. Ft.
Fairhaven Plan F1 – 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 689 Sq. Ft.
Hawthorne Plan H – 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1494 Sq. Ft.
Hawthorne Plan H1 – 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 1511 Sq. Ft.
Eastridge Plan E – 1 Bedroom + Den 1+ Bath 923 Sq. Ft.
Eastridge Plan E1 – 1 Bedroom + Den 1+ Bath 923 Sq. Ft.

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Eugene Legacy Tree #10 at the corner of James Rd. and Goodpasture Island Rd.

Legacy White Oak Tree

The Sperry crew was hired to work on Eugene Legacy Tree #10 – a massive Oregon White Oak Tree that has graced the area for centuries. It is located at the corner of Goodpasture Island Rd. and James Rd. in Eugene on property that has been owned by Island Lakes Condominiums since the 1980s. Sperry’s skillful arborists communicated great respect and love for our massive and beautiful old friend when they came back down to earth.

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Are you ready for the big QUAKE????

“The next one will be a monster,” DeVonne Maxey of the City’s Office of Emergency Management told attendees at a GIN’s general meeting. The US Geological Survey and the Oregon Department of Geology have documented that the Juan de Fuca plate is diving under the North American plate building up immense pressure. At some point something’s got to give. They tell us “the big one” is overdue. Ms. Maxey told GIN meeting attendees that having any survival plan is better than having no plan at all. [ READ MORE ]

Hooded Mergansers

What’s the Name of that Bird?

Getting to know the birds at Island Lakes enriches our experience as residents. Learning about the natural history of our area contributes to our sense of place. Some bird visitors to Island Lakes are year round residents of the Willamette Valley. Food is plentiful and they enjoy mild winters compared with other places. Life is good, so they stay. Others are migratory and have a calling to travel. They stop at our lakes to rest and feed before resuming their journey. These birds appear only during certain seasons. [ READ MORE  ]

Management and Office Hours

We are located at 1980 Lake Isle Dr., Eugene, OR. Our office hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 AM to 11:30 AM. The office is open to residents from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM each day.

The Office Manager in our ILC office works with a whole team at the Bennett Management offices downtown. Jared Day, J.M.D. Land Services, maintains our landscaping as an independent contractor.

Invoices and Payments can be delivered to Island Lakes Condos, 1980 Lake Isle Dr., Eugene, OR 97401 or Bennett Management, 980 Willamette St., Ste 200, Eugene, OR 97401.

If you have any Questions or Concerns, you can e-mail office@islandlakescondos.com or phone 541-485-6991 (Bennett Mgt. – 24/7) or 541-465-1419 (ILC office – leave a message). Visit the Bennett website at http://bmc-llc.com for more information about Bennett’s services.

Homeowners can report problems and make payments online
by going to https://bennett.appfolio.com/connect

Clubhouse is a “Hot Spot”

A wireless internet connection in the clubhouse is available to Island Lakes residents. Additional information-including the password-can be found under the ‘News’ tab in the ‘members only’ area of this website.

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