Now and Into the Future

by Charlene Simpson

Clubhouse Landscape - D. Sandburg

Island Lakes is striving for attractive landscapes. Diseased, overgrown and freeze-killed trees and shrubs had been removed leaving some common areas bare. There is an effort now and into the future to restore and update these landscapes.

Bldg. 12 Border Restoration
The Landscape Committee surveyed property landscapes and identified problem areas. However, lack of funds was a major barrier to restoration. The Committee recommended to the Association’s Budget and Finance Committee that funds be included in the 2010 budget for landscape enhancement and tree and shrub replacement.

It was soon determined the need was far greater than the authorized budget would cover. Projects would have to be prioritized; some carried forward to next year and beyond.

Landscapes near entrances to the complex and along major driveways were given first consideration. A priority area was the Clubhouse front lawn. We wanted to put our best face forward to visitors and prospective buyers. The Committee asked Thompson Landscape Co. to submit a design and cost estimate for a Clubhouse landscape make over. The design was impressive, but the cost was beyond our means. The Committee is excited about the possibilities and doesn’t want to let the vision fade.

Island Landscape Enhancement
Island Lakes homeowner Don Sandburg created an elevation drawing of the Clubhouse front area incorporating some of Thompson’s ideas and adding some of his own. His rendition is posted in the Clubhouse for all to view. It depicts a vision of future landscape possibilities.

This spring several enhancement projects got off the ground. The island across from the Clubhouse was planted. The space had been bare for over 15 years following removal of oak trees. The common border adjacent to Building 13 was enhanced by installation of a flowering dogwood and day lilies. The area had been bare for 10 years following removal of diseased shore pines.

A west-facing shrub border of Building 1, at the entrance to the complex from Goodpasture Loop, got a face lift. And the common border along Building 12 near the entrance to the property from James Rd. was restored.

Mindful of limited resources several homeowners have donated money and time to purchase and install replacement plants. The Landscape Committee invites homeowners to submit proposals for landscape enhancement. Requests require prior approval by the Board of Directors. Chances of approval are improved if the homeowner offers to subsidize the cost.

Island Lakes residents take pride in their community.

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