Are you ready for the big QUAKE????

EarthquakeBy Charlene Simpson

“The next one will be a monster,” DeVonne Maxey of the City’s Office of Emergency Management told attendees at GIN’s general meeting in October. The US Geological Survey and the Oregon Department of Geology have documented that the Juan de Fuca plate is diving under the North American plate building up immense pressure. At some point something’s got to give. They tell us “the big one” is overdue.

Ms. Maxey told GIN meeting attendees that having any survival plan is better than having no plan at all. At the minimum she advises:

  1. Develop a community disaster plan
  2. Make your own family plan
    a. Identify responsibilities
    b. Assemble essentials that can be accessed in a hurry
    c. Decide where to meet if become separated
  3. Assemble a Grab and Go Bag
  4. Do what you’re told to do
    a. Evacuate
    b. Shelter in place
    i. Go to a safe place
    ii. Water and food for three days

DeVonne handed out the pamphlet “Living on Shaky Ground,” 2009. Earthquake Education Center, Humboldt State University used with permission by Oregon Emergency Management.

Click here to download the pamphlet.

Visit the Eugene Emergency Management Website or call 541-682-6000 for additional information.

What to do With Your Belongings in an Emergency.

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