Legacy Tree

Oregon White Oak
(Quercus garryana)

A very large and very old Oregon white oak grows on Island Lakes Condominium property at the corner of James and Goodpasture Island Roads.  Its exact age is unknown, but estimated to be between 100 and 250 years old.  Because its crown is so rounded it is thought that it grew as a single tree without competition.  Oregon white oaks, also known as Garry oaks, are native to the Willamette Valley, occurring before Euro-American settlement.  Trevor Taylor, resource supervisor for the City of Eugene, says, “One-tenth of 1 percent of the white oak population remains.  It’s almost extinct, with very small remnants left and (most all) in private ownership.” (Cunningham, Eugene Register-Guard, June 22, 2006)

The Oregon white oak at Island Lakes was designated a Legacy Tree by the Eugene Tree Foundation in 2005.  This designation is conferred only on trees of great age, great size and great history.  Island Lakes Condominium Association is its custodian.  We can be proud of our heritage.

Visit the Eugene Tree Foundation to learn more.

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