(Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can become a “member” of the Website?

Any Island Lakes Homeowner or resident of Island Lakes may become a website ‘Member’. The password protected “members” section contains information about the Association including the by-laws, meeting minutes, newsletters, and forms.

To request membership press the “register” button at the bottom right corner of any page. Complete the requested information. A user name and password will be issued within twenty four hours.

There seems to be several different color schemes throughout the complex. Is there a long range plan?

Originally, all 19 units were painted one of several shades of grey.  All doors were the same color of blue. In spring of 2009 the Board of Directors voted to change the color scheme over time. Starting last year newly sided buildings will be painted in one of three colors which could be best described as shades of brown. Once the siding project is completed attention will turn toward painting the previously sided units.  As for doors, owners are now permitted to paint their exterior doors with one of six approved colors.

When is the office open?

The office which is located in the Clubhouse is staffed by a part time property manager on Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 noon. Messages may be left at (541) 465-1419.

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island lakes condos in springtime
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