2017-10-16 – Board of Directors Meeting Minutes (draft)

October 16, 2017
By Marna Broekhoff, Volunteer Secretary

The meeting is called to order by Scoop at 6:32 p.m. Previous minutes were approved

Scoop McGuire announces that roofing assessment received 41 votes in favor and 44 votes against. However, there was nowhere near a quorum. Five or six people have already paid their lump sum options, totaling $31k.


TREASURER’S REPORT by Ralph Shattuck

Balance Sheet: Highlight, cash at $200,000. Operating Profit & Loss at $38,000 net income, with income $6000 above budget mostly due to contributions to Asset Preservation account and expenses $35,000 less than budget. Vendor report, nothing unexpected found.


Operating Budget

Details available for viewing in the Clubhouse for 30 days.

EWEB—biggest expense. $3800 over budget for sewer cost and based on drinking water fees. We have reviewed consumption reports for last 18 months with help of EWEB. They recommend we try to find leaks, maybe in toilets. We will be receiving blue tabs to test for leaks. Tabs and instruction to be issued.

The Operating Budget has been discussed 4 times in past 3 months. Copy is handed out.

Ralph asks for any input about line items—now is the time!

Scoop wants to budget $2500 for Jared to repair lawns. Scoop has been working on this for 9 months now. Would involve aerating ground and thatching. Asks audience to vote, not just Board. Motion passes by show of hands.

Sue Crosby asks if people sending checks for the roof assessment lump payment must have them returned. Ralph feels those who want to should be able to leave checks on deposit. Majority feels checks MUST be returned. Ralph is overruled and checks will be returned.

EWEB Storm Water—big break through last week

Scott Gillespie, director of Public Works for City of Eugene wrote complete RFP defining what he needs to stop billing ILCA $1500 a month. We could also get refund of $15,000 for past year’s payments. But we must have our deliverables of RFP approved by licensed engineer. Matt Kenyan of KPFF Civil Engineering firm did walk around last week and gave a verbal quote of $7-10,000. We need more bids. Then approval by City. Results not guaranteed but positive outcome seems likely and savings could be huge over the next decade. Board approval of next step which is form bid by KPFF and two other bids, then back to Board for approval of winning bid.

Comcast Bulk TV—another big break through

We have been working every week since April trying to get connected with regional manager. Finally got connected today and had very positive consultation.

Need to know how many use TV services from HOA. Only 36 replied to survey. Probably more use, but some of the 120 units aren’t even connected, but we pay anyway for all 120!

We can also change pricing structure for HOA dues, as we pay about $42 for each unit’s TV.

Wire connection fee is just $1 per year that Comcast pays us. Rep will look into this.

We will send everyone a letter, with certified copy if people don’t respond the first time.

Those who opt out of bulk TV will receive a discount on their dues and may purchase their own TV service—or none at all.

Sue Crosby asks how we could know what TV service renters are purchasing. We can’t, but bulk service is the only concern of HOA; service upgrades are all paid for individually.

Rae Karp Curtis wants to know what each person s/b paying. This is impossible to determine because of all the promos, etc.

Bobby Smith says we voted to make Comcast part of dues. Long ago it passed overwhelmingly. She and her friends don’t want to lose all the channels they have now.

Marie Robinson asks if we would get money back individually. Yes—each person opting out would get HOA dues reduction of at least $20 per month. They might want to purchase Limited Basic plan individually for just $14 a month.

Patricia Haynes feels we will pay more if we renegotiate contract. Maura Dervan says we paid $19 extra when Comcast contract first started. Very true—but now we pay over $40 each.

Mary Morris says dishes didn’t work well in our ILC, so they wouldn’t be a good option. Many people are now streaming and don’t want cable TV service at all!

Estimate from regional Comcast rep was that we could save up to $36k a year—either to reduce dues or help pay for capital repairs as detailed in the Capital Reserve Study.

Dorothy Poitra says maybe a friend or relative would want TV when visiting. Ralph replies they could buy service individually—far cheaper than paying $42 a month all year to accommodate guests’ TV desires.

Sue C. says previously we HAD to have 120 units. That is no longer true. Upgrades have been and will continue to be on an individual basis. Potential savings may be as much as $35,000 or more.

Next step is to obtain data as to how many unit owners want to keep bulk. Certified letters will be sent if necessary before Comcast removes a bulk user’s connection.

Solar Power

Solar Engineering has not yet given us estimates. We could also save expenses by using solar panels.

We may be able to reduce electricity usage by 30-40% according to Ralph’s calculations.


She encourages everyone to look at website. The nature photos are wonderful.

Info and colors, etc. for roofing are on website. Lorna Tishendorf wants to know how to access web site and get user name and password and Joanne offered to help her.

Joanne wants info to be approved by Board before it will be posted on website, especially financial data.

Scoop recommends looking at map to see where all the water turn off valves are located. This is a great help to finding the valves.


Three more heat pumps have been approved.

Tax rebate ends the end of this year. Everyone who has pump loves it.

Len Reuther asks—has everyone gotten rebates they thought they were entitled to from EWEB–$600—this has been discontinued.

Linda Hollingsworth says they just had their pump installed. To get rebate must be in building <8 units.

Jared is starting leaf season. Very busy. Please don’t bother him during busiest season of year for Jared.


Dorothy Poitra complains about insufficient number of open discussions with EWEB, Armadillo, and others. She really wants to see samples, stripping options, material options, etc., etc. Wants to know what is under these roofs. Wants Armadillo rep to come talk to everyone. Wants to discuss impact of new roofs on market values.

Dorothy goes on—prices have risen for everything due to hurricanes. US government has refused lumber from Canada, which will raise prices, which in turn may increase our roof costs.

She says re-roofing will surely damage siding. That will add to cost. She says she wants to know about every nail that will be used (perhaps jokingly)!

She wants to have lots of discussions with Armadillo about roofing.

Scoop says these are good questions.

Bobbie Smith wants person from Corvallis to come talk—someone who doesn’t have vested interest in roofing project. Inspector, Kent Ransey, looked at only 7 attics in 20 buildings and did not find any leak repairs, though we know he inspected 5 buildings with these repairs. But he does not have a vested interest.

Len says all this will be discussed. Maybe we won’t use Armadillo. Scoop reminds us that recent second estimate was $200,000 more than Armadillo’s. We could continue getting multiple estimates.

Dorothy wants a brand new Roofing Committee to be established. There could be many meetings to revisit decisions by earlier the Committee regarding materials, colors, membranes, etc. All the current choices can be seen at the Clubhouse. These choices can now all be changed as the new Roofing Committee discusses them all.

Scoop appoints Len Reuther to head new Roofing Committee, which will convene immediately and report at the next Board meeting. Len kindly agrees to chair these meetings, get more bids, consider more options, etc. All documents previously sent to owners via email will be forwarded to Len for reconsideration. These will include Ralph’s proposed guidelines for deciding the correct time for replacing a roof, rather than continuing to repair.

More Budget Discussion

Britt Lindstrom asks if budget was sent to Board. Budget is approved and will now be posted in the Clubhouse for the required 30 days. Dues will go up average $9-11 per month for 2018.

Bobby Smith says she heard we are under budget. Why the increase? Whence the difference? Ralph says extra ($13,652) will be put into Contingency Fund. Need this for budget overruns. Bobby doesn’t understand how figures have changed. She doesn’t want any increase, though she says she could pay it.

Gwen Gaydos asks if any money is being earmarked for roof repairs or replacement reserves? None at all, says Ralph. Gwen thinks $25k should be put into roofing fund.

Scoop adjourns at 7:45 p.m.